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The 11th Hanover PreMoot

Der Willem C. Vis Arbitration Moot ist ein Lehrprogramm mit vielen Facetten. Verhandelt wird nicht nur beim Endausscheid in Hongkong und Wien, sondern u.a. auch in Düsseldorf, Madrid, München, New York, Leuven und natürlich auch in Hannover. Um auf die Endausscheidungen in Wien bestens vorbereitet zu sein, haben sich in den letzten Jahren größere Vorbereitungsveranstaltungen entwickelt, sogenannte Premoots. Die Leibniz Universität veranstaltet vom 02. - 04.03.2017 ihren „11th Hanover PreMoot“. Mit 30 teilnehmenden Universitäten im letzten Jahr hat sich der PreMoot in Hannover zu einem der großen Vorbereitungstreffen in Europa entwickelt.

Besonders wichtig für einen PreMoot ist natürlich die Unterstützung durch Praktiker als Schiedsrichter. Daher würden wir Sie sehr gerne einladen, die besondere Atmosphäre des Willem C. Vis  Arbitration Moot bei unserem „11th Hanover PreMoot“ als Schiedsrichter oder auch Zuschauer mitzuerleben.

The Willem C. Vis Arbitration Moot is an educational program with many facets. Pleadings are not only held at the final round in Hongkong Vienna, but also in Dusseldorf, Madrid, Munich, New York, Leuven and of course in Hanover. To be prepared for the finals in Hongkong and Vienna in recent years, major preparation events, the "PreMoots" established around the world. The Leibniz University holds the "11th PreMoot Hanover" from 02nd - 04th March 2017. With 30 participating universities in the last year, the PreMoot in Hanover is one of the major preparatory meetings in Europe.

Free of charge*

  • no registration fee
  • free coffee, drinks, snacks and dinner during the convention and the evening events
  • „Dachgeschoss“-Feeling included

Check out the invitation, with all information contact- and programdetails.


For team registration please contact us infovismoot.uni-hannover.de

The PreMoot in Hanover

The Hanover PreMoot is designed to be an educational and beneficial experience for everyone. We offer all participants the best possible preparation for the oral rounds in Hongkong and Vienna. During the last years the Hanover PreMoot became one of the biggest Premoots in Europe. In the last years the PreMoot hosted 30 teams each time from a total of 17 nations e.g. from the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, India, Greece, England, and the Czech Republic.

The pleadings are held in the faculty rooms providing very short ways between the pleading rooms and the lounge in the „Dachgeschoss“ where all the participants can enjoy free hot and cold beverages and some snacks. Moreover, the teams will have the possibility to held a pleading in the Moot Court Room of the faculty, a room especially designed for Moot Courts. Between the pleadings all participants will have plenty opportunities to get to know the arbitrators and other teams. Like the Vis Moot itself the Hanover PreMoot is not only an educational but also a social experience.


During the PreMoot every team will have at least five or six pleadings. The tribunals will be composed of law professors, attorneys, coaches and former Willem C. Vis Moot participants. This aims to offer the teams a very realistic impression of the setting of the elimination rounds in Vienna and Hongkong. Although the Hanover PreMoot will not have a final ranking, the arbitrators will score the teams after the pleadings. These scorings as well as the scorings of the direct opponent will be send to the teams after the PreMoot. On Thursday, the first day of the PreMoot, the Institute for civil procedure and legal profession likes to invite all the participants to a reception before the pleadings start on Friday.