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Arrival and surrounding area

"Just like its PreMoot - short ways characterize Hanover itself."

Because of the EXPO 2000 Hannover’s commuter system was significantly improved, being one of the most modern systems in Germany. This leads to fast and easy transfers between the airport, railroad stations, the city center and, of course, the faculty of law which is situated at the very heart of Hanover.

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Venue of the Hannover PreMoot

  • The total Hannover PreMoot is held in the rooms of the faculty. Therefore we can offer very short ways between the pleadings rooms and the lounge where all the participants can get together and have a coffee and something to eat.
  • The official welcoming event on Thursday evening will be also held at Königsworther Platz. Detailed information about that event will reach you in time before the PreMoot starts.
  • Only on Friday evening the social event will not be at the campus. For that purpose we organize a location in the city center where all teams and arbitrator can get together for dinner and can celebrate the first day of the Hanover PreMoot. You will get detailed information about that event at latest one week before the PreMoot starts.


How do you get to the PreMoot?

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