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The University of Szeged (Hungarian: Szegedi Tudományegyetem) was founded in 1872 in Cluj-Napoca and is one of the largest in the country with 30,500 students and 12 faculties.

About the University

The best known faculty of the university is certainly the medical one, where intensive research is done in the field of neuroendocrinology and immunology.

The law faculty focuses, among other things, on European law and therefore also offers courses and seminars in French and German. The university is also known for its central library, which houses over one million items and is the largest in southern Hungary. In addition to the university, students also populate the city center, which always seems young and lively due to its bars and many recreational opportunities.

Language of Study:

The language of study is English.

About the place

The city of Szeged, with 170,000 inhabitants the third largest city in Hungary, is located on the southern border of Hungary near the border triangle with Serbia and Romania. Szeged, also called the "City of Sunshine" due to its many hours of sunshine per year, is located about 170 kilometers away from Budapest at the mouth of the Mures River into the Tisza River. The most important economic branch of the city is food production. Especially the Pick company, which produces the world-famous Szeged paprika salami, is the most important promoter of the city in the field of sports and culture. The climate in Szeged is continental, there are mostly hot summers and cold winters.

Semester Dates

Winter semester

Mid-September until mid-January

Summer semester

Mid-September until mid-January