Access and admission requirements

You must have a degree in law (at least three years of study (bachelor) or state examination) and knowledge of two of the four national languages of the partner universities (German, French, Portuguese, English).

In detail, the partner universities require the following language skills:

Leibniz Universität Hannover German (B2)
University of Lisbon English or Portuguese (B1-B2)
Université de Rouen French (B2-C1)
Mykolas Romeris University Vilnius English (B1-B2)
Université de Fribourg English oder French (B1)
Symbiosis International University English (B1-B2)
Uniplac University Brasilia Portuguese (B1-B2)

It is estimated that you can improve one language level per semester.


Students are not allowed to choose the university of the country in which they obtained a professional law degree as their main university (see Admission Regulations LL.M. Joint Degree, § 3 IV, status: 2018). That means, if you have obtained a university degree in law in Germany, you have to choose Universities of Rouen or Lisbon as the main university and apply there as well.

Note: For the University of Rouen, French is expected at the level of B2 or C1 and for the University of Lisbon, English at the B2 level is require, knowledge of Portuguese is not compulsory but helpful. For the University of Lisbon, English at B2 level is required; knowledge of Portuguese is not compulsory but helpful.

Please refer to the admission regulations for detailed information.

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