Contents and course of studies

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Course of studies

The programme has a duration of four semesters, which are to be completed at two different universities – at least one of which is abroad. A total of 120 ECTS are to be achieved over the duration of the programme, whereby the number of reachable credits can vary depending on the semester. In detail, the structure of the programme is as follows:

1. semesterChosen first host university (30 ECTS)
2. semesterChosen first host university (30 ECTS)
3. semesterChosen second host university (36 ECTS)
4. semesterChosen first university (24 ECTS)

Content of the course

The consortium aims to complement the skills in the legal system of a graduates´ home country with the acquisition of knowledge for working in various European legal systems and with the particular emphasis on the harmonization and unification of law in Europe. For such purpose the master course focuses on its specific mobility and Continental language scheme in French, German and Portuguese language while its other core element is Internationality, represented by full partners from Lithuania, Switzerland, Brazil and Vietnam where the lectures are performed in English and French.

The first two terms of the studies are carried out at one of the consortium´s degree awarding universities (primary university), while the third semester can be spent either by another degree awarding universities (DaP) or one of the partner universities in Pune, Brasilia and Vilnius. The forth semester concentrates on the completion of the master thesis at the primary DaP or secondary DaP universities attended. The curriculum of 120 ECTS credits for 2 years is composed of modules composed of compulsory choice and free choice courses. Thus over and above the adherence to the prescribed level of proficiency students are given the opportunity to determine their academic focus by choosing their mobility on specific legal systems and their languages. Some of our partner universities offer, besides summer schools and internships at international law firms during their third semester.

In addition to compulsory and elective modules, students can specialize in the topic of their thesis. To alleviate this rigidity, each consortium member offers a summer academy with special modules in English.

Course of studies in Hannover

Internship and summer school

  • Hanover

    In Hanover you can do an internship with one of the following consortium members:

    Law Firm
    Dr.jur. Horst Suhren
    Büro:Peltzer Suhren Rechtsanwälte
    An der Börse 2
    30159 Hannover
    Tel. +49 5 11-80 71 82-0
    Fax +49 5 11-80 71 82-22

    Jürgen Scholz / Dieter Scholz
    Lister Damm
    30163 Hannover
    Tel.+49 511-26277726
    Fax+49 511-26277777
    E-Mail: kontakt@rechtsanwä
    Dr. Jan Schröder
    Marienstr. 61
    30171 Hannover
    Law Firm
    Dr.jur. Christian Bühring
    Hauptstr. 6, 29646 Bispingen
    Tel.: 05194-970490
    Fax.: 05194-970491
    Dr. Wilhelm Helms
    Hohenzollernstraße 6
    30161 Hannover
    Tel. 0511-3742250
    Fax: 0511-37422566
    Law Firm
    Dr. Ulrich Scharf
    Weißer Wall 1
    29221 Celle
    Tel: 05141 90 63 0
    Fax: 05141 90 63 26

    Continental AG
    Legal Department: Frau Dr. Holthausen
    Vahrenwalder Straße 9
    30165 Hannover
    Leonhardtstraße 10
    30175 Hannover
    Tel: 0511 235 94 83 0
    Fax: 0511 235 94 83 59

    Legal Clinic
    Juristische Fakultät der Leibniz Universität Hannover
    Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. Christian Wolf
    Königsworther Platz 1
    30167 Hannover


  • Summer schools

    Summer schools are usually one-week to two-month specialist scientific courses. The aim of the summer schools is to provide further scientific training in specialist areas. Depending on the respective topic, the students deepen a specialty and work on the matter in discussions and group work.

    The State University of Lisbon runs a summer school every year, where you can obtain 4 to 8 ECTS.

    The Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius and the Leibniz University in Hanover also offer the possibility of summer schools.