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At a glance

The Faculty of Law at Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hanover currently has about 2,000 students.  In addition to the regular classes on State and Federal Law, the faculty offers classes in International Law and European Law. Attorney Regulations and IP and IT Law are taught in voluntary classes, taken by a majority of students. The faculty avows itself to an ambitious legal education with a destinct european and international Orientation, of course without neglecting the basics.

The Campus

The campus area is located near the downtown of Hanover. All of the necessities for students and university employees can be found on or around the campus. The faculty’s prominent landmark is a high-rise building located at the “Königsworther Platz” (Building 1502). The building holds Institutes and professors’ Chairs as well as administration offices, smaller class- and lecturerooms and few specialized libraries. Behind the high-rise building lie lecture halls, the library, a parking garage and the cafeteria (Contine). Those buildings are shared with the faculty of economics and the faculty of philosophy,

The campus area at “Königworther Platz” is a gateway to the district of Herrenhausen, the “Herrenhäuser Gärten”, the  “Georgengarten” and the “Welfenschloss“.Today the Welfenschloss serves as one of the main buildings of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hanover.  The often used term “Conti-Campus” for the campusarea at Königsworther Platz referes to the original use of the buildings. As former headquarter of the Continental Gummiwerke AG, the campus gained popularity in the early fifties housing the highest office building of Germany (14. Floors).  Today the buildings are listed as historic buildings of Hanover, meaning that their appearance is to be preserved as is. In the 1990s the property was acquired and slightly adapted by the University of Hanover.  

Studies in Hanover

The quality of research and education is one of the faculty’s great concerns. The CHE-University-Ranking 2015/2016 proves that the academic condition at the Faculty of Law in Hannover could not be much better: the faculty achieved a top ranking. It got best grades in the categories “support by teachers”, “academic conditions”, “occupational reference” and “e-learning”.

Beyond that faculty has been very successful achieving third-party funds in the previous years: in the category “research funds” it belongs to the top 3 of faculties in Germany.








Good support right from the start

With its nationwide unique institution JurSERVICE the Faculty of Law offers its students individual support at every step during their education.

For example there is the “Examination-Lab”, the “Examination-Clinic” an several of workshops about how to handle exams and theses.

In addition to that there is a variety of e-learning offers available: with “eJura” students can benefit from inactive offers like the “Online Consultation-Hour” while sitting at home or practice specific cases with "LAVES".

The free examination revision course called "HannES" enables the faculty’s students to graduate successfully.