Print shop

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The faculty's own print shop provides materials to accompany lectures, materials for information events and other brochures and cards. This facility also offers the professional repair and destruction of documents.


  • Typographic design
    • Proofread
    • Typesetting
    • Advice and assistance with the realisation of the corporate design
  • Digital printer
    • Resolution 600 dpi
    • Format DIN A3
    • Speed 120 sheets/min.
      (from 80 sheets A4 cheaper than a copier)
  • Black/White copier/scanner
    • Copier resolution up to 1200 dpi
    • Scanner resolution up to 600 dpi
    • Storage as JPEG, PDF and TIFF
    • Format DIN A5 to DIN A3
    • Speed up to 65 sheets/min.
    • File printout
    • Stapling & hole punching up to 50 sheets
    • Stamping functions (e.g. date, pagination)


    Priport printing machine blak/white:

    • Speed 120 sheets/min.
    • Format up to DIN A3
  • Colour printer
    • Resolution up to 1200 dpi
    • Format DIN A5 to DIN A3
    • Speed up to 40 sheets/min.
    • Grammage up to 250 gsm
    • Booklet finisher (centre stitching A4 to A5 and A3 to A4, folded in each case; borderless flyers in preparation)
  • Bookbinding finishing
    • Format cutting
    • Folding up to DIN A3 (80g/sqm)
    • Brochure stitching
    • Stack perforation
    • Block gluing and lumbering (paperback) with cold glue
    • Book repair
    • Laminating device for formats up to DIN A3
  • Document destruction
    • Security level 4 (particle size 2x15 mm)
    • Please consult us in advance for larger orders

Please always fill out a print order.


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