Selected topics of private law

Are you studying economics or industrial engineering (or are you particularly interested in a minor subject) and have already passed the Private Law for Economics and Industrial Engineering Students exam (or the Introduction to Law for Engineers)? Do you know that the really interesting topics come after the basics?

Then come to the "Selected Topics in Private Law" course organised by the Faculty of Law.

Here you will learn the basics of other areas of private law, e.g:

  • Who is a merchant, in particular a formal merchant, and what special rights and obligations follow from commercial law?
  • What special features apply to a procuration or power of attorney under the German Commercial Code (HGB)?
  • What is a commercial letter of confirmation or the merchant's obligation to give notice of defects?
  • What special features must be observed in the context of product liability for a manufacturer or quasi-manufacturer?
  • How is a civil law partnership, a limited partnership or a limited liability company established; when am I personally liable as a partner?
  • What are permissible and impermissible questions in a job interview and when do I have the right to lie?
  • What are the special features of internal compensation?
  • How can I effectively hire or terminate an employee on a temporary basis?
  • What is regulated by a collective labour agreement or a works agreement; when do I have to involve the works council?
  • What are liens, a transfer of ownership by way of security or a guarantee?
  • When do general terms and conditions exist and when are they effective or ineffective?

Specialisation course

As this is an in-depth course, you should have already successfully completed the course Private Law (or Introduction to Law for Engineers). In particular, the course Private Law (as a compulsory course) cannot be replaced by the course Selected Topics in Private Law.

Further information

The course is offered in the summer semester and can be taken in the area of key competences/studium generale. It comprises 2 SWS and 5 ECTS can be earned with a 90-minute written examination. There is also intensive preparation for the exam.

Please note that the course is only offered in German and is taught in a specialised language.