Private law (for students of economics and industrial engineering)

Are you studying economics or industrial engineering, but are you also interested in legal issues, as you are aware that these will also be relevant to your future career? Do you know that you will almost inevitably have to familiarise yourself with legal requirements and, if necessary, communicate with lawyers? You don't want to have to say to yourself in court: "I wish I'd known that beforehand!"

Then come to the "Private Law" course organised by the Faculty of Law. Here you will learn the basics of private law, e.g:

  • What are legal persons and how can you organise your legal relationships through declarations of intent?
  • How can a contract be legally concluded or cancelled, e.g. if you have made a mistake or been deceived?
  • What are the requirements and consequences of effective representation?
  • What is a contractual obligation and what are the prerequisites and consequences of so-called default, e.g. compensation for damages?
  • What are set-off and assignment?
  • What are types of contract; what are the special features of sales contracts and contracts for work and labour?
  • When are you liable for a so-called unauthorised act and when can you exonerate yourself?
  • What are ownership and possession and how do you acquire, transfer and lose them?

Specialisation courses

The content of the course can be deepened in the courses "Selected Topics of Private Law" (in particular commercial, corporate and labour law) and "Selected Topics of Public Law" (in particular commercial, construction, environmental and business law).

Further information

In addition, students learn the basics of applying the law and how to prepare expert reports. In addition, tutorials are offered in which expert opinions are prepared in small groups based on selected topics and with the help of experienced tutors.

The course is offered in the summer semester. It is part of the Law module. It comprises 2 SWS and 4 ECTS can be earned with a 120-minute written examination.

Please note that the course is only offered in German and is taught in a specialised language.