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Do you already know? - The online services of Leibniz University Hannover

Do you already know? - The online services of Leibniz University Hannover

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Over the next few weeks, we would like to introduce the younger students among you to our website and the services offered by our faculty with the series "Do you already know?".

As a student, you are very familiar with some of the university's online services or will quickly become familiar with them. These include, in particular, the Stud.IP organisational platform and access to the e-mail inbox and Wi-Fi on the campus of Leibniz University Hannover (LUH).

However, there are also some offers that you may not yet be aware of. We would like to introduce you to the most helpful of these below:

Collaborative, digital working

In the age of Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive, haptic data carriers are becoming increasingly rare. However, the practicality of cloud storage can hardly be denied. However, you don't have to limit yourself to one of the providers mentioned. With Seafile, our university offers its students their "own" cloud storage with a storage capacity of 100 GB. Registration must be activated via the account manager for the LUH ID, which all students receive with their enrolment certificate at the start of their studies.

Not only can files be stored and shared in this cloud storage, but word processing files can also be created so that you can work on them together online: Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can be shared for editing so that you can work on a document together with fellow students at the same time, for example.

The video conferencing tools Jitsi Meet and BigBlueButton offer further opportunities for virtual, collaborative work. BigBlueButton is integrated into Stud.IP and can be used by students who, for example, set up a digital learning space or a so-called study group in Stud.IP. 

However, video conferencing is not the only way for students and lecturers to communicate; LUH also offers its members a messenger for simplified communication. Similar to Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal, the messaging service Matrix is suitable for both direct messages and groups. Messages are encrypted by default. In addition, the Matrix messenger is operated locally at LUH. Data is therefore only stored locally and is not passed on to third parties such as software manufacturers or similar.

Using hardware

In addition, there are also some offers aimed at students who do not have a computer or printer. In addition to the option of logging on to one of the PCs in the computer centre, there is also the option of borrowing a laptop for a maximum of two semesters. You can find the conditions here.

Students can also use the printing service of Leibniz University IT Services (LUIS). This is particularly useful for large-format projects. Documents from DIN A4 to DIN A0 can be printed in LUIS. Students can print 200 A4 prints in black and white free of charge per semester. All cost regulations can be found here

Learning how to use IT services

Finally, the LUIS offers a wide range of IT courses and manuals that can be used to learn how to use operating systems, application software, programming, network services and IT security.

All IT services

You can find an overview of all IT services at LUH here. You can see which services are available to students.

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