German, European and International Civil and Commercial Law Section


Dr. phil. Andrea Tech
 Andrea Tech  Andrea Tech


Prof. Dr., Dr. h.c. Bernd H. Oppermann, Prof. h.c. (UMCS), LL.M. (UCLA)
 Bernd H. Oppermann  Bernd H. Oppermann

Honorary Professors

Prof. Dr. Volker Lessing
RA Prof. Dr. Hans-Patrick Schroeder

Honorary Senator

Ehrensenator Dr. Ulrich Stobbe

Research Staff

Dipl.-Jur. Leonie Rindfleisch
 Leonie Rindfleisch  Leonie Rindfleisch
Dipl.-Jur. Lena Katharina Schade

Assistant Lecturers

Non-public person
LMR Dr. Peter Röthemeyer

Student Assistants

Non-public person