Information about Erasmus+ for outgoing students

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You have to apply for a study place at one of our network partners and additionally for a mobility grand. With Erasmus+ you can receive funding for your stay abroad for up to 24 months.

Application periods

March 15th

for the following winter semester

September 1st

for the following summer semester

Application procedure

A study-related stay abroad within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme will generally not have a negative effect on your trial state exam as it does not count against the total number of semesters studied in this context.

In addition, no semester fees are charged at the partner university. Only a few modules/courses from abroad can be recognized in law studies with state exam:

  1. European law;
  2. economic or social science modul and
  3. the foreign language certificate is covered by the Erasmus study abroad

Law students should spend at least 8 semester hours per week abroad to ensure that their stay abroad will not have a negative effect on your trial state exam. However, if they do not need them, 10 to 15 ECTS credits are sufficient to obtain the so-called Mobility Grant from the International Office. However, you should always take 1 to 2 more courses if you fail a course. The partners are usually so accommodating that they offer the students a so-called "resit", i.e. repetition of the failed work.


You will find more information about the financing or mobility grant for the stay abroad in step 3 below.

  • Step 1: Application and nomination

    Step 1a:

    First you must apply online via the International Office (online application).

    Step 1b:

    Afterwards, please send the following documents by post, e-mail or in person to the Erasmus Office of the Faculty of Law:

    • Copy of the online application
    • Photograph
    • Certificate of matriculation
    • Tabular curriculum vitae with contact details in English
    • Language certificates/language certificates
    • Overview of grades of the law studies completed so far
    • where appropriate, further evidence of special qualifications


    Afterwards you will be nominated by us at the university of your choice. The partner university then decides whether your application will be accepted.

  • Step 2: (Online) application to the partner university

    If your application has been accepted by the partner university, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from them and may need to submit further documents. Usually this is a student application form and a Learning Agreement. Some partner universities also require, among other things, a transcript of records, a letter of motivation and, if applicable, proof of knowledge of the teaching language. You will find further necessary forms on the pages of the partner universities.

  • Step 3: Mobility Grant

    In order to receive a mobility grant (300-450€ per month), please submit your application to the International Office. However, this application should only be made after the application for a study place abroad has been submitted to the Erasmus Office. Please contact the International Office directly with any questions regarding the mobility grant.

    Detailed information on how to apply for the mobility grant can be found here.

  • Step 4: Leave of absence

    After receipt of your invitation letter if your host university and all comleted requirement at the International Office, please apply for a leave of absence at your home universiy (LUH). Please see here how it works.

    With help of this leave of absence no more semester fees are due at the LUH. In general you have to pay only an enrollment fee at your receiving University (adminitrative costs).    

  • Selection criteria

    Applications will be reviewed by us after the application deadline and assessed on the basis of their overall impression. The most important criteria for this are:

    1. formal requirements
      In a first step we check whether all the necessary documents have been submitted.
    2. minimum duration of study of 1-2 semesters
    3. knowledge of languages
      Each partner university requires a certain language level. This level must be reached at the latest at the beginning of the stay. We will check whether this language level is available and if not, how it could still be reached by the applicant.
      If the required language skills of the applicant are not sufficient, we advise students to postpone the semester abroad for 1-2 semesters in order to acquire the necessary language skills. Thus all students at the Faculty of Law have the possibility to realize their stay abroad within the framework of Erasmus sooner or later.
    4. academic achievements / grade point average
    5. motivation for the stay abroad and its importance for the professional career
      When applying for Erasmus, students indicate three universities of their choice according to their priorities.