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Political science, Public Management and Governance

Political science, Public Management and Governance

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About the research area

Questions about the role and structure of the state are among the fundamental issues of modern societies. This discussion has been going on for decades under headings such as "lean state," "activating state," "revitalization of civic engagement," "core task state" or "guarantee state. It has become particularly topical in the recent financial and economic crisis.

The Institute's task is interdisciplinary research, teaching and further education in the field of political science. Through networking and cooperation between different sciences and in close connection with politics and administrative practice, a knowledge pool for all fields of activity of the modern state is to be built up.

In order to advance this knowledge acquisition and transfer, scientific conferences, seminars and research projects are organized, bringing together international experts from science, politics and practice. The results of our research will be communicated to the national and international public through publications.

Through the organization of doctoral courses, joint supervision of student research projects and doctoral theses, cooperation on university projects, and exchange with foreign scholars, we promote the next generation of scholars in the field of political science.

Ongoing research projects

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