Unser Team für 2021/2022


20 Jahre / 5. Semester

In school Tobias was engaged as a dispute mediator and mentor for the younger grades, where he learned to put himself in the shoes of others. Since the age of 7, Tobias is playing Tennis. He works as a coach and as one of the executives at his club, taking on responsibilities in youth work. Through this, Tobias developed a high level of discipline and teamwork. With these abilities and additionally his skills as a barkeeper, Tobias wants to enrich the Vis Team successfully.


20 Jahre / 3. Semester

Chaya is the dog lover in the team. Therefore, she spoils her bulldogs too much. Besides, Chaya is very enthusiastic and interested in foreign languages, that’s why she has started to teach herself Mandarin Chinese. Since she was 5 years old, Chaya has been dancing in formation and for a few years in national competitions. This allowed her to develop a high level of teamwork, discipline and ambition. With these abilities Chaya wants to support the Vis Moot Team.


21 Jahre / 3. Semester

Lorenza has always displayed an affinity for languages and realized her interest in debate while taking part in several MUNs. Her time in Canada after school helped her enhance these abilities further and become an expert in table football – only if one considers spinning to be compliant with the rules though. By engaging in the Vis, Lorenza aims to use her skills to add to the team’s success and deepen her understanding in commercial arbitration law.


21 Jahre / 5. Semester

Karola is into controversial discussions and different languages like english, french and spanish. Her successful participation in the Hans Soldan Moot Court of Hanover made her a stronger and even more resilient person. Having spent 3 months in France, Karola learned to adapt quickly to unforeseen situations. Connecting each appointment of her life with a bicycle tour, she always needs a cup of porridge to be ready for the day.


19 Jahre / 3. Semester

Already in school Lilli discovered her passion for languages and speaks by now English, French, and Spanish; she currently begins to learn Dutch. She coached a team in her volleyball club for three years. Therefore she learned to bring people together, work in a team and encourage team spirit. Besides studying law, Lilli does weight training, which inspires her, because of the personal limits that can be reached and overcome in this sport; quite the contrary for her coffee addiction that she will probably never overcome.