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How to term paper

Many first-semester students do not know exactly how to write a legal term paper.

That is why the JurSERVICE staff regularly answer and explain the most important questions about writing such an academic paper at the beginning of the term paper phase following the winter semester's examination phase.

In addition to presenting the student council's (Word) template, the focus is particularly on the applicable guidelines for writing a term paper to ensure that the first term paper is a success.

The LJPA informs

At regular intervals, employees of the LJPA provide information about the compulsory subject examination as part of the first state examination.
In particular, questions about registration, admission requirements, "Freischuss" (extra try), the examination procedure and grade improvement and resit options are answered.

You can also find answers to your questions outside of the event on the LJPA website.

Information event on the specialisation courses

The Examinations Office provides information at regular intervals about the requirements for admission to the courses and the examinations to be taken.

You can also find further information on the specialisation courses here.

Upcoming Events

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